About Us

1. Objectives

The objectives of Association shall be

a) To provide a common platform for Graduate Engineers working in Local Self Government Departments namely Urban Affairs departments, Corporations, District Panchayaths, Municipalities, Block Panchayaths, Town panchayaths, Grama Panchayaths and Rural Development Boards and PAU.

b) To stimulate the thoughts and efforts of Graduate Engineers towards the development of the above said Local self Government Institutions.

c) To foster friendship, unity and brotherhood among the Graduate Engineer in Local Self Government Institutions.

d) To promote and encourage cultural activities among the members and their families.

e) To effectively safeguard the interest of the members of the Association in every sphere of there Professional activities in Government service.

f) To exchange the knowledge, experience and ideas of various Engineering activities of various Local Self Government Institutions.

g) To provide appropriate forum for discussion of subjects of common Interest regarding various circulars, orders; Engineering aspects etc.

h) To provide and maintain effective liaison with all organizations with having similar objectives.

i) To provide offices, conference room, libraries or other building and convenience in connection there with and furnish, equip and maintain and to conduct the same, and to permit the same and other property of the Association to be used by any member or others either gratuitously or for payment.

j) To purchase take on lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any land personal property, which shall be deemed necessary or convenient for any purposes of the Association.

k) To invest any money of the Association not immediately required for any of its objectives in such a manner as may from time to time be deemed advisable.

I) To Hire and employ Manager; Accountants, Clerk and Typist or assistants or peon as necessary, pay them in return for services by a consolidated salary fixed at time to time.

m) To take such steps by personal or written appeal or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedite for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the association in the-shape of donations, annual subscriptions or otherwise.

n) To enter into any agreement or arrangement with other training Institutions like IKM, KILA (Kerala Institute of Local Administration), Institute of Management in Govt, etc. for giving training to the members regarding KSR, General rules, and Acts of local administration , PWD acts and rules, Indian Road Congress (IRC) etc.

0) To form District associations, with the permission of the General body of the Association.

p) The Association has the right "to dissolve' any District level Associations, if they are not doing its activities as per the bye law of the Association or any mis conduct.

q) To do all such other lawful things as Association may think incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the objective of the Association or other.

2. Property, Income and Expenses

The income and property of the Association, from whatever source derived, shall be applied solely for the promotion of the objectives of association as set forth in the Bye-law of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred direct or indirect, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise or by way of the profit to the members of the Association. Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith to any officer or other staff of the Association or other person not being a member of the association in return for any services actually rendered to the association carrying out or giving effect to
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